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Abstract and papers for conference


  (1)  Food nutrition and its evaluation;

  (2)  Quality control of nutrients during food processing and storage;

  (3)  Detecting techniques for functional food constituents;

  (4)  Preservation techniques of healthy food;

  (5)  Traceable system and quality ensurance technology during food processing;

  (6)  Technologies for food safety assessment;

  (7)  Functional food and special dietary food;

Submission of papers:

  (1)  Abstract: papers abstracts are requested to submitted to the following email address: nercsf@163.com, the deadline is August 15, 2018(template 

see attachment 1),and it should be named as “topics-author-affiliation”.

  (2)  Poster: 120 cm * 90 cm in size. Please print poster yourself.

Note: Submitted papers will be reviewed and selected for submission to Journal of Food Science. The submission and review process will be shortened. It is noteworthy that acceptation of selected papers cannot be guaranteed.

Publication of Symposium Papers:

Journal of Food Science (JFS) is a designated scientific journal that will accept review or original research papers based on the conference presentations. Selected high-quality manuscripts (review papers; or original research papers) will be invited for formal submission to the journal for regular but speedy peer review. Accepted papers will be printed in "virtual issues" of the journal, namely, in regular issues of JFS but with a tag to indicate the invited papers are developed from the conference. The goal is to publish articles that will become influential contributions to food science, nutrition, and health.

If you are interested and wish to consider this opportunity, please prepare your manuscript according to the JFS author guide then email your manuscript draft to the conference (nercsf@163.com). Please note that an initial screen for technical quality and scope will be conducted by a conference scientific panel which includes editors from JFS. Those manuscripts that have passed the initial technical check will be formally invited for submission to JFS through the web site: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jfs

The deadline for submission of the manuscript draft to the conference scientific panel (nercsf@163.com) is September 15, 2018.