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  • Dear Colleagues of Food Nutrition and Health:

    Food nutrition and human health are among the most important factors considered today in the preparation of food to feed the increasing world population. A high-level academic discussion and idea exchange to address various aspects of nutrition and health will provide the opportunity to expand the scope and capacity of innovative research, new food processing technology development, and collaboration among international scientists in the field of functional food. With the economic development and rise in the standard of living, consumers are demanding foods with improved nutrition, safety, and health benefits. With this in mind, this international symposium has been developed to address the relationships between the consumption of nutritious food and the health benefits to human beings. The goal is to provide a platform for international scholars and researchers to collectively address new food processing technologies, the transfer of such technologies to the production of healthy food, and the specific biological functions of food ingredients and natural compounds derived from plant and animal sources as well as microbial fermentation.

    The first ISFNH was successfully held by Dalian Polytechnic University and organized by the National Engineering Research Center of Seafood in Dalian 2017. We warmly invite you to attend the second ISFNH (2018) to share your exciting research discoveries through technical presentations. Participants will include world-renowned scientists from different continents, including those from USA, UK, Brazil and numerous universities from China. Through academic exchange and discussions on the relationship of food nutrition and human health, we hope to foster cooperation among international food scientists, nutritionists, and health professionals. We hope this symposium will lay a solid foundation and set a functional stage for comprehensive future cooperation between scientists and universities in the field of food science, nutrition, and human wellbeing.

    Welcome to the 2018 International Symposium on Food Nutrition and Health (2018 ISFNH), September 14th-16th, 2018, Dalian, China.


                                      Chairman: Academician Zhu             

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