Conference visit

September 18,2018 afternoon,visit National Engineering Research Center of Seafood
Address:No. 1 Light Industry Court Road,Ganjingzi District,Dalian
Tel:0411-86323262 turn 2
Fax:0411-86323262 turn 1

Introduction of the Center

Authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China,“National Engineering Research Center of Seafood”was founded by Dalian Polytechnic University in April,2013 and passed the inspection and acceptance by Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2017.Currently the total area of the Center’s specialized labs is more than 7,000 square meters,and the total original value of the lab instruments exceeds RMB 100 million.The 64 existing staff whose average age is not more than 40 years old constitute a research team that has complementary professional structure and reasonable age echelon,with the Academician Zhu,Beiwei Zhu,as the core of the team.

The Center has been contributing to the research on the key generic technologies of seafood processing,which includes the deep processing technology of modern seafood,preparation technology of marine bioactive substances,seafood quality and safety control, and seafood processing technology equipment,etc.The Center keeps exploring new ways of combining the seafood processing technology with the seafood industrial economy, strengthening the transformation from advanced technological achievements, propelling the radiation,transfer and spreading of integrated and matching engineering achievements to related industries to promote industrial development.

Academician Zhu,director of the Center,has led the team to undertake more than 100 projects including National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Basic Research Program of China Preliminary (973 Program),National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), National Science and Technology Support Program, International S&T Cooperation Program, Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund Program,National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on,and undertake more than 70 of school-enterprise cooperation projects. The Center made a series of innovative achievements in research of deep processing and quality & safety of sea cucumber, shellfish,sea urchin, seaweed, fish and other seafoods.It has won 2 2nd Prize for National Science and Technology Award,Science and Technology Awards of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation,Dalian Science and Technology Meritorious Metit Award and other 13 provincial level prizes.The Center has been awarded more than 100 international or domestic authorized patents for invention. These achievements have been translated into great industrialization in Liaoning Province, Shandong Province, Fujian Province, Hebei Province, Guangdong Province,etc.,providing strong technological support to many famous national or provincial trademark and brands such as Zhangzidao,Feide,Shangpintang and Haiyantang,and achieving direct economic benefit of more than RMB 7 billion as well as significant social influences.The Center provides solid contributions to the development of seafood processing industry in China.

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