Mario Estévez,Associate Professor

ISFNH 2018

Mario Estévez Associate Professor

Institute of Meat and Meat Products Faculty of Veterinary University of Extremadura Spain10003

Mario Estévez received his degree in Veterinary Science (2001)and subsequent PhD (2005) from the University of Extremadura (Spain).He has made several postdoctoral stays at University of Helsinki (Finland) for two years,and the University of Paraiba in Brazil (6 months).His primary research interest is on the characterization of protein oxidation products,the consequences of protein oxidation on food quality and human health and the inhibition of protein and lipid oxidation using natural antioxidants.He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles including four reviews on protein oxidation through which he has established himself as an expert in the field. He is the author of four patents and has written several dozen technical papers and 10 book chapters.He currently serves as member of the Editorial Board of Meat Science,Associate Editor in the Journal of Food Science and Journal of Food Science and Technology.He has served as lecturer and key-note speaker in international congresses (ICoMST,IFT,as examples).In addition,he has experience in acquiring funding from external and competitive sources (EU-commission,European Research Council),in leading international projects (Marie Curie Fellowships in Spain and Finland) and in the creation of strong and prolific scientific collaborations with prestigious Institutions from more than 12 countries.