Daniel Granato,Professor

ISFNH 2018

Daniel Granato, Professor

Department of Food Engineering,State University of Ponta Grossa, Brazil.

E-mail: dgranato@uepg.br or granatod@gmail.com

Daniel Granato is a Food Engineer,M.Sc in FoodTechnology,PhD in Food Science – Experimental Nutrition,PhD in Food Authenticity,and concluded his Post-Doctoral in Chemometrics at RIKILT-Wageningen University.Currently,he works as an Assistant Professor at the State University of Ponta Grossa.His teaching activities are related to Chemometrics,Food Technology,Nutrition,and Process/Product optimization.He has supervised more than 70 B.Sc.,MBA,M.Sc.,and PhD candidates. His expertise is related to Authenticity of Foods,Statistical Methods,Food Chemistry,Dairy Foods,and Functional Foods.His scientific competence is internationally recognized by Associate Editor positions in prestigious journals such as Food Chemistry,Journal of Food Science,Current Opinion in Food ScienceBrazilian Archives of Biology and Technology,and Foods.His work resulted with strong publication record:140 articles,15 book chapters,5 books,and 3 technological patents cited for over 3500 times (hindex=31 and h10index=77).He is the 3rd most productive researcher in Brazil,and the 271st out of 5,017 most productive researchers in Agricultural Sciences worldwide.He holds 12 most cited articles in the history of Food Science and Technology and all his papers and scientific production are ranked 17th in the field.